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What Is Flexpat?

Flexpat unites a group of passionate remote workers determined to explore the world without compromising on their career. We embark on an adventure around the globe to have a taste, touch, smell, handful of life. Stepping away from the comfortable boredom of our soft office chairs and cluttered desks, we seek novelty. For the four months we’ll be on the road, we’ve picked four culturally rich yet contrasting locations, each bringing a unique flavor to the mix.

Join us on a journey from the desert to the future!

Escape the Ordinary

Break the chain of your daily routine. Discover what lies past the verge of your comfort zone. That’s where the real fun starts.

Better Yourself

Keep moving forward. Snatch and savor every new experience, encounter, opportunity.
Learn and progress.

Find Your Crowd

Like-minds, gather 'round! Expand your network with fellow remote professionals from all walks of life. Make friendships that last.

Our Program


Marrakesh April
Barcelona May
Bali June
Seoul July

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