Frequently Asked Questions

Which services do we offer?

We believe that people should spend most of their time on things they like rather than on tedious, time-consuming organizational tasks. Leave that hassle to us, so you can do the things you like. Flexpat facilitates:

  • • Income security
  • • Accommodation
  • • Workplace
  • • Skill-building through trainings & workshops
  • • Community events with like-minded people
  • • A lot of fun!
What motivated you to create Flexpat?

Our whole team has traveled the world and worked abroad. Exploring the world enriched us both personally and professionally. We have met so many great people and visited stunning places over the past couple of years. We would like to enable more people to have this eye-opening experience.

I fully believe in the Flexpat life and want to be your ambassador. How can I do that?

That's awesome! Please send an email here, and we will get back to you in no time.

What kind of skills do I need?

We are looking for skills which can be used remotely. If you can do (parts of) your job from a coffee shop, you fit our requirements. Mainly we are looking for talents in the areas of IT, design, online marketing, finance and legal. For other backgrounds, feel free to sign up and we will determine individually if one of our business partners has demand for your skillset.

Tell me more about job security and guaranteed income.

Sounds too good to be true, right? So here is our honest explanation: after you sign-up, we will screen your profile, followed by an application process. If you are admitted to the program, we will match you with work from fast growing start-ups and innovative corporates so that you have a guaranteed income. So, every month you receive money to spend on food, tours and a beer or two, while we take care of the boring stuff.

Do I have to speak English?

Yes - professional working proficiency in English at the start of the program allows smooth communication. All of the projects provided by our partners will be executed in English. However, we are not only looking for native speakers.

Are there any hidden costs?


Skill-building through training and workshops, can you explain that?

Of course! Together, we will identify a plan for your personal development. Imagine you want to add the awesome powers of machine learning to your repertoire. We will help you build the skills relevant for your new passions while finding ways for you to leverage your proven experience. After you’ve completed our program, your skillset will be broadened and improved, which will help you be a better professional, traveler, and all-around awesome person.

What are the accommodations like?

You will have a private room in a nice apartment. We guarantee a good standard of accommodation. You will not live in an environment we wouldn't live ourselves.

What if I already have a Part-time/Full-time or full-time job and want to integrate that into the program?

That's possible. Reach out to us, we are flexible (it's in our name) :)

Can I bring my children?

Flexpat is currently not setup to take care of or teach children, except when you find your own au pair or school.

Is anybody doing the same as Flexpat?

What makes us unique is that we offer financial security and provide you with work while also taking care of accommodation, workspace and the like. We value both personal and professional growth. You will be able to expand your knowledge base and skill-set through additional training and workshops. We are aiming to become a stepping stone for the next chapter of your career.

What does "remote work" mean?

Remote work means that you work in an environment other than your employer's workplace. The opportunities are countless: as long as you have stable internet connection, you can choose to work from your own living room, a cosy coffee house in the city of your dreams, a beach in Bali or wherever you like!

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