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Flexpat organizes remote work programs for digital professionals who want to see the world without compromising their careers.

Each carefully curated experience enables you to soak up local culture, connect with like-minded professionals, and push your boundaries to the limit.

Live like a local in a new city. Join an epic community. Expand your skillset.

Embark on an Adventure

See the world one city at a time. Break away from your routine. Discover what lies past the verge of your comfort zone.

Unlock Your Potential

Let the wanderlust don’t compromise your professional and personal development. Keep moving forward. Snatch and savor every new experience, encounter, opportunity.

Build Lifelong Connections

Expand your network with fellow remote professionals from all walks of life. Enter a global community of digital talent. Make friendships that last.

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“I think working remotely is a very nice way to live. It enables a flexible lifestyle while taking advantage of cheap cost of living in some places. It also gives you more time to work as you don’t need to commute.”

Margot, FR


“I believe this promotes the concept of global citizenship wherein anyone can work remotely for companies and corporations beyond their border. Hopefully, such a concept will lead to more cross-border interaction and promote a united one world lifestyle.”

Sean, UK


“I am passionate about the possibilities remote work offers; also from my experience working remotely helps my creative process as a content writer. Being in different spaces influences and inspires my work.”

Jessika, US


“I have been a remote worker for around 6 years now, frequently moving and trying to learn new skills on the road. I believe the 1099 Generation needs to be more flexible and adventurous, in order to overcome the challenges that face current society.”

Nickolaus, US

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